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Rustproofing, What is it for?

It’s never too late to treat your car against rust. The first signes of rust generally start showing up after the fisrt 5 years of your car’s life, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt treat your car with rustproofing. It’s still possible to slow down the process by treating your car with rustproofing.

« A rustproofing treatment is a reasonable investment for a car that you wish to keep for a long time. It’s a good way to maintain it’s resale value », says Jesse Caron automobile researcher at CAA-Quebec. It can also extent the life of some parts like brake lines, electric connectors, and even lower body panels.

It,s important to know that some car manufacturers may cancel your waranty if you apply rustproofing . Some car manufacturers also forbid the application due to the fact that it may damage some electrical components. If you are not certain if you may or may not refer to your owners manual or call your local car dealer.

At Dr Spa we sugest you treat your car every year. Our product does not contain any tar or asphalt and does not leak on ground due to the fact that it’s made with Thixotropic gel based on paraffinic oils, that doesnt mean you can skip a year for your treatment.

We hope that the information giving to you was helpful to making a decision. You can communicate with one of our branches for any question about rustproofing and book an appointment.

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