Biological rustproofing

A treatment that differs from the competition

Biological Rustproofing

  • All metals in contact with air and moisture will oxidize or if you prefer, rust over the years. As your vehicle is mainly made of metal, any unprotected parts becomes the target of the nature, day after day. Rust is the biggest enemy of a vehicle. It hurts her appearance, making it less safe and reduces its resale value.
  • With our rustproofing, you are assured to get the best protection against the first appearance and the progression of corrosion on your vehicle, whether new or used.
  • We have a unique and exclusive recipe. Our water-based rust preventive comprises an antioxidant very upscale and not harmful to the environment.
  • Our rust is thixotropic, so does not flow after application.
  • Even the best rustproofing in the world can, in one application, protect your automobile for several years. For complete protection, it is recommended to renew the rustproofing each year.
  • After annual treatments over 10 years, the value of your vehicle will be 4 to 5 times greater than the untreated vehicle.

car: 90 minutes
vus: 120 minutes
truck: 120 minutes

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