Armor protective film

With armure protective films, you are safe !

Armor protective film

The condition of the roads in Quebec and the effect of winter climate prematurely wear out your new vehicle causing paint chips.

The armor films, a product with urethane covered with anti-ultraviolet layer, protect your vehicle against possible threats such as:

  • rocks and gravel
  • the insects
  • salt
  • tar
  • debris left on the road

They preserve more of your vehicle from scratches due to parallel parking in urban centers or manipulating objects on the threshold of the trunk.

Armor products are designed and cut by computer, specifically for each model of vehicle, so as to perfectly cover the vulnerable parts of it. A standard installation protects your engine hood, the early front fenders and mirrors. For optimum protection, you can also protect other parts of your vehicle, eg. : Rear bumper threshold, headlights, front bumper.

Armor products are available for all vehicle models, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, truck-trailer or equipment subject to the conditions of the road. Compared to traditional plastic deflector, dandruff Armor are much higher. They do not harm the original appearance of your vehicle:

  • No high-speed whistle
  • No vibration
  • No risk of breakage in automatic car washes
  • No cracks in freezing winters

The Armor protective films have made their proofs for many years. Armor All products have a lifetime warranty against cracking and takeoff, as long as you are the original owner of the vehicle.

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