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Do you love the car? We need you!

Become a franchisee Dr SPA

The love of cars, the attention to detail and work well done are the essential qualities for a Dr SPA. Franchise. Dr. SPA franchised owners are people with a sense of business and a taste for affirmed relations.

Contact person : Martin J Lelièvre
Phone : 1 855 234-1857
Internet :
Email :
Training : provided by the head of the company, the training provided to the franchisee is spread over a period of 2 weeks.
institutions : CA 0 QC 6
Founded in : Mai 2005


For the franchisee, the formula also contains a large number of advantages:

  • The franchisee owns the business, it is legally independent.
  • The franchisee benefits from the brand image and reputation of the brand, well-known signs of recognition among customers but also financial institutions.
  • The franchisee has all the positive effects of a network; increased awareness of brand name, economies of scale in product purchases, communications with co franchisees, increased advertising , public impact, etc..
  • The franchisee benefit from the transmission of know-how and its franchisor provides its ongoing support, which could ease the start of activities for a franchisee without experience.
  • The franchisee runs a lower risk of failure; all business, whether franchised or not, has a degree of risk. However, within a network of professional and well-run franchises, the risks of failure are generally lower than for an independent company.


  • Uniforms
  • Promotional items
  • Car Detailing Products
  • Accessories
  • Equipment
  • Technical training
  • Marketing training
  • billing system (web based)
  • IP telephony voice

Willing to seriously invest in business services, they have the skills needed to manage a small team of employees.

Training:  provided by the head of the company, the training provided to the franchisee is spread over a period of 6 weeks.

In addition, he will also assist (in person) partners in their first commercial approaches and ensures each center regular visits, several annual monitoring visits and permanent highly professional assistance.

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