Professional wax

Professional wax

The regular application of wax allows your car to always keep looking new and thus be protected against ultraviolet rays (UV) and acid rain. Waxing also helps gives a shiny finish to your painting. We recommend a minimum application of wax four (4) times per year, or at the beginning of each season.

What includes a Professional wax:

  • Washing the car body with a high quality soap
  • Paint Decontamination.
  • Scouring tires, inner wings, mags, interior doors and the fuel filler flap.
  • Glass washing to perfection.
  • Orbital waxing (2300 oscillations per minute) gives 100% gloss and provides maximum protection.
  • Detailing (remove wax in all the cracks)
  • And finally a buffing on the tires (amorall)

car: 90 minutes
vus: 105 minutes
truck: 120 minutes

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